Cipageo®: preserving the quality of your projects.

The Cipageo products fit to all kinds of projects. In construction, civil or industrial, such as slabs, abutment walls, landscape projects, the cipageo membranes can be easily suited to any kind of surface, making it the perfect solution to works that require a type of soil that can provide strength and stability. During leaching process, using Cipageo is essential in the pile areas, driving channels and tanks in the mineral treatments. If the project requires manipulation of potable water, the Cipageo Potable Water fits it perfectly.

Its flexibility and ease of welding makes it the solution to waterproofing reservoirs and water tanks with PVC laminated, joining low installation cost and practicality. Being a float type of waterproofing, it maintains the impermeability even with micro-cracks in the water tank.

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