Cipageo PVC geomembranes are an excellent solution when it comes to waterproofing, either in civil construction or industrial.

Cipageo is easily molded to any surface, being the perfect solution for works which require soil with strength and stability, such as waterproofing, tanks, retaining walls, water tanks, decorative ponds,irrigation ponds, canals and others.

To suit the needs of each work, Cipageo has several types of formulations and structures: single line geomembrane, geomembrane coupled with geotextile and reinforced geomembrane.

The primary advantage of Cipageo geomembranes is the ease and speed of installation. They can be pre-welded in panels, with different dimensions as needed, which greatly reduce work installation time, resulting in the decrease of hand labor and general cost, equipment and in faster delivery of the work.

Another major advantage is that the union between geomembranes can be done by several methods (high frequency, hot air, hot wedge and by appropriate glues). Because of the reliability of such unions, the PVC geomembrane has great facility in terms of repairs.

For its great flexibility, it shapes well to the various types of works on the ground or in concrete (should always be smooth and free of perforating elements).

Joining its strength, its high degree of impermeability and durability, it results in one of the best waterproofing PVC geomembranes.® - All rights reserved 2011